..giving up wormhood


I was digging around looking for something the other day and stumbled onto to this pretty little card I rec’d about a year ago. It’s all about caterpillars and butterflies. I pulled it out and set it on my desk to remind me that the changes I’m experiencing in my life right now, feel like I’m wrapped up in a cocoon transforming into something brand new.

This afternoon a real butterfly found it’s way to my window screen and it’s been there for several hours now..  Do you think it saw my card with all the brightly colored butterflies on it?  Do you think it could be fresh out of it’s cocoon and knowing it can’t go back to being a worm crawling on it’s belly, it’s not quite sure where to find the other butterflies?  Do you think it’s unsure of how use it’s new wings?

The other side of the card says, “How does one become a butterfly?”  “You have to want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”

When change finally occurs, transforming change; is there a period of confusion and loneliness as we search for our new group?  I want to believe I will have the confidence to use my wings to find new levels of success just as I used my courage to die to my old life.

Recycled Denim


January was the birth of my Etsy store and here are my first products. Recycling is all the rage now so I went through my closet and found an old denim shirt. I measured strategically to see how many pillows I could get out of one shirt and with just a sleeve left after these four pillows, I think I can get one more still.

The bolster sleeve pillow was a challenge but I managed to make it look like a pillow rather than the dismembered arm it looked like after the first round…

It fed my creativity to cut the pieces out and also taking the worn seams, collar and sleeve details and sew them back on to create some added novelty.  Here’s how they came out

Get more info here at Homemade Pleasures



This is a great week to get lost in painting.  I took up watercolor a few years back and have been doing different works of snow and water. It feels completely out of control.. :)   I think that’s why I love it so much.  Everything I do for work requires control and precision so this medium takes me to unfamiliar places, opens me to creativity I didn’t know I had.

Here are a couple of paintings I’ve done



I’ve been reading the Artful Blogging magazine and am inspired by the beauty and variety shown there but more than that it’s the honesty these, mostly women, show in openly sharing their art.

Art is very personal and although I’ve used my art mainly to market and tell the story of other persons and their businesses I’m beginning to find my own artist’s legs.  I have other blogs but this one is designated as my play area.

Feel free to join me and share your thoughts or art you’re creating..