Jean Fashion Accessories


It’s been a busy summer creating new purse designs. Two collections have been released; Freedom Collection and County Fair Collection. Both feature jean details from Levi 501 recycled jeans.
Each are hand-made, custom designed and one-of-a-kind. The 100% cotton lining patterns hold true to the collection name with Freedom collection purses made with a patriotic themed fabric and County Fair collection made with varied, earth-color, country prints.
More details and pricing at Denim Recycled Boutique on Etsy.

Recycled Denim Purses


My Etsy store has inventory again!  This time the recycled denim is featured in purses and they’re hand-made using my own designs.

I have to admit making the purses is more fun than the pillows. One of my graphic design customers gave me a pile of old 501 Levi jeans so notice, the clutch designed purse features the button down closure. The flap edges are the hems from the same pair of jeans and I think the fray goes well with the style of jeans out for this season.

All of the purses are hand-made exclusively from the jeans. The zipper pulls on the small clutches are belt loops removed from the waistband. The straps are strips of fabric cut from the legs portions, then stitched and sewn around a split-ring.

This is a very ‘green’ product and makes a great ‘mom’s day’ gift. Check out the full inventory at Denim Recycled Boutique

Digital PDF patterns of some of the designs will be coming soon for you DIYers!

Recycled Denim


January was the birth of my Etsy store and here are my first products. Recycling is all the rage now so I went through my closet and found an old denim shirt. I measured strategically to see how many pillows I could get out of one shirt and with just a sleeve left after these four pillows, I think I can get one more still.

The bolster sleeve pillow was a challenge but I managed to make it look like a pillow rather than the dismembered arm it looked like after the first round…

It fed my creativity to cut the pieces out and also taking the worn seams, collar and sleeve details and sew them back on to create some added novelty.  Here’s how they came out

Get more info here at Denim Recycled